I Can Save You


JoeB. said...

Hi Julia,

Saw your room yesterday at 'Come up to my Room'...totally amazing. I loved it completely. Too often there is a disjuncture between an artist's intentions (as professed in artists' statements are all kinds), and the actual artwork. But your installation totally delivered. Can't wait to see more! Cheers.

Alison said...

I too saw your room at Come Up To My Room on Saturday. It was my favourite installation of them all by a long shot - I absolutely LOVED it. Do you sell any of your pieces?

VAL Masferrer Oliveira said...
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Drycha said...

I saw you on Everyone's Blog Posts - My Modern Metropolis! You're great! I will follow :>

erik_satie_rollerblading said...

Sinister. Childhood innocence, indeed.

Art Donovan said...

Hello, Julie,

I just saw your work on Mocoloco. I think your lanterns are brilliant! Evocative and so well done :)

Best Regards,
Art Donovan
Steampunk Art Exhibition,
Museum of the History of Science,
University of Oxford, UK